About me

My spiritual journey began as a tutor and yoga teacher in the year 2000 when I had completed various trainings, seminars in quantum, yoga and aromatherapy. It has been a wonderfully powerful journey over many years, conducting and sharing the knowledge of the Universe with so many people in its seminars and trainings, with the aim of the unfoldment of every Soul. Through different knowledge, through yoga, through different meetings, I expanded personally and I also learned MYSELF. It is the most powerful and miraculous gift where there is no right or wrong, no end or beginning – there is only a journey – a cosmic journey. More and more, I myself received guidance from the Universe, from a higher Self, from my own Spirit. All my studies and training have been an expansion.

My journey to the Sacred Geometry – the Light Codes has been a series of walks down in the valley as well as ascents to the mountain tops. More and more clearly, the Universe is unfolding for me in messages, in light codes. These miraculous messages are a conversation with the universe through different timelines, where unfolding is taking place. The soul opens, cosmic knowledge is activated.

The mission of the soul

The whole being is healed, begins to receive new energies that high, dissolving the body and mind density. Light codes appear through a pure state of mind, either universal or personal. As well as soul soothers that open the whole being into pure energy. Both in the current league Universally and personally. By reading, observing, inhaling or recharging the water, the spaces, the state of consciousness changes, the body in every aspect begins to heal, to become cosmic again, awakening the ancient cosmic wisdom. All my knowledge, all my cosmic wisdom, I share with humanity through gold design, through gold training, through light codes, through sacred poems dusted with cosmic nectars of light.

To wonderful encounters, both through my work and in person.

In gold and light