Spiritual Design

With the guidance of higher self I have chosen to live in harmony with nature, beauty and music.
As a light channeler I create cosmic energy symbols through sacred geometry, both personally as well as for the whole of humanity in moment’s energies.
In golden design I use symbolism that I, as channeler, receive personally or for the whole of humanity.
I receive golden frequency messages for humanity daily.
Messages come in the form of poetry which transform dense energies on cellular level.
When reading poetry you are changing whole inner cell’s on molecular level in the past, present as well as in the future.
As spiritual designer I create through golden frequency. I design images, color choices, energy patterns in interior design, wardrobe and food for a person or for groups.

Golden design and golden messages raise frequency in the whole body, cellular system and state of mind. We become more harmonious, beautiful, airy, loving and creative. Our true talents will emerge, we heal and we will find our true mission

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